Second SmartEIZ training workshop “Technology Growth and Productivity, including KET”

The two days training workshop (TW) on Technology Growth and Productivity, including KET covered a wide of range of theoretical, empirical and policy issues related to interaction of technology and productivity. The topic was investigated and discussed in four perspectives: 1. The macroeconomic perspective of growth and development; 2. The firm-level perspective of analyzing panel…


Smart EIZ Training Workshop: ‘Assessing innovation policy: overview of theoretical, design and implementation issues’ program

This report summarises the main issues explored and discussed at the training workshop as well as reports on the main messages from the sessions. The rationale for the workshop is well expressed in the conclusions of the Compendium of evidence on innovation policy project:  ‘Governments have implemented a wide range of policies to encourage innovation…


The second project meeting held in Milan

The second project meeting within the SmartEIZ was held on October 20 and 21, in Milano, Italy. The host of the meeting was University Bocconi, project partner on the SmartEIZ project. The main focus of the meeting was presentation of the Twinning strategy for EIZ to partners and the Advisory Board meeting.

SmartEIZ project kick-off meeting

At the Institute of Economics, Zagreb (EIZ) on February 17 and 18, 2016 a kick off meeting was held between the consortium partners and professional community and the implementation plan was presented of the SmartEIZ project which is being financed via Horizon 2020 project scheme. This three-year program is designed to enhance the research capacity…