Deliverable number Deliverable name Work package number Short name of lead participant Type Dissemination level Delivery date (Month)
D1.1Kick–off meeting and inception reportWP1EIZReport Confidential1
D1.2Mid–term progress report and first financial reportWP1EIZReport Confidential18
D1.3Preliminary final progress report and second final financial reportWP1EIZReport Confidential33
D1.4Final progress report and final financial reportWP1EIZReport Confidential36
D1.5Evolution of the publications in high
impact journals in the relevant research fields
WP1EIZReport Confidential2
D2.1Synthesis of research needsWP2UBReport Confidential4
D2.2Report about the state of the artWP2UBReport Public6
D2.3Report about relevant stakeholders identifiedWP2EIZReport Confidential7
D2.4Twinning strategy for EIZWP2UBReport Public10
D3.1A list of best practices, approaches and methods in management of innovation and technology to transferWP3UNU–MERITReport Public13
D3.2Framework of training activitiesWP3UNU–MERITReport Confidential14
D3.3Agenda of capacity buildings activitiesWP3UNU–MERITReport Confidential15
D4.113 staff exchange activitiesWP4UCLOtherConfidential27
D4.21 Training schoolWP4UBOtherConfidential21
D4.39 Training workshopsWP4UBOtherPublic27
D5.1Report of capacity building methodologies in networking and research in S&TWP5UCLReportConfidential24
D5.21 workshopWP5UCLOtherConfidential24
D5.3At least 2 research/network proposals applied for European calls open during the project implementationWP5EIZReport Confidential36
D6.1Communication materials on topicsWP6EIZOther Public30
D6.2Project outcomes on the WebsiteWP6EIZWebsite Public36
D6.3International Dissemination conferenceWP6EIZOtherPublic33
D6.41 round tableWP6EIZOtherPublic34
D6.5More than 8 reports about methodologies on the twinning’s topics to present at international academic and non–academic conferencesWP6EIZReportPublic34
D6.68 reports on the dissemination activitiesWP6EIZReportPublic34
D6.7Internet PortalWP6EIZWebsitePublic9